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Gift Guide for Sewers

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The Gift Guide for Sewers

As you could probably tell by my last blog post, I am always brimming with gift ideas around this time of year!  I just LOVE giving themed gifts because of the thoughtfulness required to compile all of the elements to create the theme.  Any person opening a themed gift knows that their interests and personality have been on the gift giver’s mind as they assembled their selections.  And thinking about the people you love is what gift giving is all about!  Plus, themed gifts can be creatively wrapped to suit the theme – so much fun!…As you may have suspected, I was voted “most likely to become Martha Stewart” in high school…it was quite embarrassing.
Gifts for Sewers-23

With my love of themed gifts in mind, here is a large selection of ‘sewing themed’ gifts.  If you are a sewer who has family members that are unfamiliar with the world of sewing, direct them here and tell them they are very welcome to ask me questions if they are not quite sure what to choose.  Anyone is welcome to email me (Morgan) at!

Gifts for Sewers-7

We also have digital Gift Cards in our shop!  You can have them emailed to yourself so that you can print them out and put them in a nice card under the Christmas Tree or you can have them emailed directly to a long distance sewing friend.



Themed Sewing Gift Ideas for 2015:

Under $25.00

Gifts for Sewers

The PDF Collection

Print these patterns off yourself (using our tutorial) or have your local print shop do it for you.  Roll the assembled patterns up and festoon them with ribbon to create an enticing package under the Christmas Tree.  Your favorite sewer will be delighted to skip assembly and get straight to sewing!

Cost of Gift: $22.00 (and no shipping fees!)

Gifts for Sewers-2

The Perfect Tote

Teach a friend or significant other to sew by giving them the Carry-All Bag Making Kit and the promise of a fun evening spent together during which they will finally learn to sew!

Cost of Gift: $17.00

Gifts for Sewers-3

Inspiration to Create

If the person in your life prefers complete free reign when choosing their next project, encourage them to create without getting too specific!  Sewers, knitters and embroiderers would all love to receive this pretty little gift package:

Cost of Gift: $23.50

Gifts for Sewers-4

Custom Trousers

Give the promise of perfect trousers by presenting all the notions and the pattern along with the promise of a trip to the fabric shop.

Cost of Gift: $23.95

Under $30.00

Gifts for Sewers-5

Underwear  Sewing Session

This could be a fun gift for a significant other who doesn’t share your passion for sewing but enjoys the results of your efforts.  Invite them into your sewing space for an evening of sewing undies (they don’t necessarily need to do any actual sewing)!  You could even add a bottle of wine or beer to this gift to enjoy together.  You might like to remind them that sewing in the nude makes the fitting process much more convenient…

Cost of Gift: $28.00 + your booze budget 😉

Gifts for Sewers-6

Holiday Relaxation

Encourage relaxation during the holiday by giving a book to peruse by the fire along with a set of needles that eliminate the need for clenched teeth and a magnifying glass (even after the Christmas Punch has been served).

Cost of Gift: $29.70

Under $50.00

Gifts for Sewers-8

The Tools Every Sewer Needs

This gift is both beautiful and completely practical.  These would make an excellent addition to any sewer’s tool kit:

Cost of Gift: $45.75

Gifts for Sewers-9

Bag Making Supplies Kit

If you are not really sure which patterns and tools your favorite sewer already owns, this kit is an excellent gift choice – it is like a goody bag of notions and materials that you wouldn’t find in most sewing shops!  The kit offers creative freedom with enough fabric and waterproofing wax to create any style of bag the recipient might like to make.  Plus, here’s a bonus – the gift is already wrapped!

Cost of Gift: $32.00

Gifts for Sewers-10

The Luxury T-shirt

If you are a sewer and dream of creating a hand sewn gift for every person on your Christmas list, here is a way to save yourself some stress:  If you run out of sewing time in the lead up to Christmas, this t-shirt making kit is pretty enough to give unassembled with the promise of sewing it at a later date.

Cost of Gift ($45.00)

Under $75.00

Gifts for Sewers-11

A Cozy Winter Knitting Project and Tools

This is a great themed gift for anyone who knits or is interested in learning to knit – just add knitting needles!  The pattern poster includes four patterns and this gift includes the supplies to make the beanie hat which is a cozy hat that could be worn by men or women.

Cost of Gift: $62.50

Gifts for Sewers-12

The Intro to Thread Theory Gift Set

If the sewer you are giving gifts to loves indie pattern companies but hasn’t tried out our patterns yet, this is a great way to introduce them to our designs!

Cost of Gift: $67.50

Under $100.00

Gifts for Sewers-13

The Luxe Wooden Tool Set

Imagine these stunning lathe-turned wooden sewing tools wrapped carefully in silk scarves (my favorite luxury wrapping paper – and if you buy them at the thrift shop, silk scarves are very cheap!) and tied up with a satin ribbon.  Such a unique and special gift!

Cost of Gift: $92.50

Gifts for Sewers-14

Jewelry for Sewers

If your significant other covets sewing tools rather than diamond earrings, compromise by giving the sparkling sewing equivalent to jewelry this Christmas.  You could even thread the pretty brass thimble on a chain to be worn around the neck!

Cost of Gift: $96.65

Gifts for Sewers-15

Menswear Fashion School

An excellent choice for a budding menswear enthusiast or fashion designer – introduce them to the elements of menswear with How to Tie a Tie.  After reading this during those relaxed, tree-side hours on Christmas Day they will be ready to delve into two of the very best textbooks on menswear fashion:

Cost of Gift: $96.90

Under $200.00

Gifts for Sewers-16

Tailor’s Paradise

Challenge the sewer in your life to embark on one of the biggest and most satisfying sewing projects – a tailored double breasted coat!  We have all sorts of tips and tricks available in the Tailored Peacoat Series on our website.  Show your admiration for their skill and your belief in their ability to stitch!

Cost of Gift: $184.60

Gifts for Sewers-17

For the Merchant & Mills Enthusiast

The most popular Merchant & Mills tools available in our shop along with the incredibly detailed and beautiful Merchant & Mills Sewing Book.

Cost of Gift: $172.10

Gifts for Sewers-20

The Tissue Pattern Collection

Every single pattern in the Thread Theory Collection for under $150.00!  Give this to a sewer interested in making a menswear wardrobe or give it to the person you have big plans to sew for.  This pattern collection could keep someone clothed stylishly for a life time (plus, it includes one women’s pattern to sew for yourself or for someone special!).

Cost of Gift: $146.50


Do you have any sewing related gift ideas you would like to share?  Have you received such a gift in the past?  Please share!

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