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New Women’s Pattern Release! Camas Blouse


Thank you for choosing to be a maker

Thread Theory is two years old today!  To celebrate our second birthday we’re launching a pattern for women!

Camas Blouse

With this pattern, we want to thank all the women who have enthusiastically supported our sewing pattern company over the last two years (our customer base is surprisingly 95% female!).  We couldn’t have asked for a more helpful, appreciative, patient, and supportive group of customers.  Right from the very start when we were just planning our pattern designs and learning how to blog we’ve always felt that you really have our backs!CamasBlouse-4 cropped

During the last two years we’ve really noticed a theme among women choosing to sew menswear – most of you seem to really be proud and thrilled with your menswear projects but, at the same time, view them as a bit of a sacrifice because they minimize the time you have to sew for yourself.  The Camas Top is a thank you for taking this time to sew menswear! So thanks – and the pattern is 15% until Wednesday!
CamasBlouse-6 blog

Some of you might remember from blog posts over a year ago that the Camas Blouse is one of the designs I came up with for the clothing line that I created in design school.  I wanted to create a blouse that is simultaneously elegant and super comfortable.  It features shoulder and back yokes and gathers that allow the main blouse to float over the body.
CamasBlouse-10 blog

It can be sewn in a large variety of knits or stretch fabrics.  The shirt will look really different depending on the weight and drape of your fabric choice.

CamasOnMorgan-10 blog

The blouse includes slim sleeves and a subtly curved hem that can be tucked in or worn loose over skinny jeans.  The narrow placket can be sewn with functional buttons (the instructions include tips for adding buttonholes to knits), snaps or as a false placket with decorative buttons to create a slip-on blouse.

CamasOnMorgan-14 blog

Well, thank you so much for giving us a wonderful first two years!  We’re really excited to see your versions of the Camas Blouse!  Happy sewing!

44 thoughts on “New Women’s Pattern Release! Camas Blouse

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  2. Happy Me! I just finished my first Camas Blouse and blogged about it here…

    A Colourful Canvas: Camas Blouse by Thread Theory

  3. Just blogged my first (but certainly not last) Camas! After trying on the final product, I had to stop myself from immediately cutting out another one!

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  5. Yay, so exciting! It looks great!!

  6. This blouse looks amazingly simple, elegant, classy and beautiful! I would absolutely love to make it. Quick question though, do you think I can use fabric other than knit? I don’t mind knits, but I think I would love a blouse like this in something lightweight, like silk or synthetic silk like fabric.

    • Yes, stretch silk/stretch polyester is perfect for this blouse! The sleeves are drafted very slim so some stretch is necessary in this area. The rest of the pattern (the shoulder details and the main shirt pieces) don’t require stretch so you could get creative with mixing and matching fabrics to use non-stretch wovens everywhere except the sleeves!

  7. What a great design! It’s next on my wish list 🙂

  8. I have a RTW blouse just like this that I wear a LOT. Great pattern! Now, about those green cropped pants the model is wearing, are those a future pattern?! 😀

  9. Oooh, I love this little one!
    Many thanks for this pattern (I love the pants and the shoes your model wore with it, but’s that’s another story 😉
    Congrats and enjoy the anniversary: great job!


  10. I can’t wait to make this up in a few months when the bump makes his arrival! Those green pants look amazing.

  11. Purchased. Here’s why: your measurements/garment measurements look like they will require minimal adjusting. I have bought other Indie patterns and they are as yet unmade….too much fiddling for fit. And I have lots of stretch woven and knits screaming to be used 😉 Merry Christmas.

  12. Ahhh!! This could not have come at a more perfect time! Travelling to the US and Canada next year and I am in desperate need of shirts that travel well but still let me look elegant and put together and this shirt will be perfect! Plus, being a knit, it will be super comfy too. I cant wait to see what everyone else makes too!!

    • I’m glad the timing has worked out well for you! You’re right it’s such a great travel top – the versions I’ve made for myself have functioned as everything from the main item in my suitcase on a business trip to the only top I took with me on several hiking and camping trips!. My linen knit version is perfect for travelling because it’s so light weight, doesn’t wrinkle, there’s no collar to squish, and I can wear it for multiple days before noticing a need to wash it! Happy travels :D.

  13. Happy Anniversary! I love your pattern and have just ordered it!

  14. Yay! Congrats. I love how effortless it looks. I’ll be making one ASAP!

  15. Lovely! Congrats on your anniversary 🙂

  16. I love it too! I’ve already sewn up four of your brilliant patterns for others so I’m excited to purchase this one for myself. I love how it still fits in with the aesthetic of your other designs.

  17. Released at a great time for me, I’m just in the middle making some nice comfortable casual clothing for myself. This pattern has been purchased and is heading straight into the queue.

  18. This blouse looks great, definitely going to try it out!

  19. It’s beautiful! Thanks for the pattern! The design is wonderful!

  20. Love this blouse! Can’t wait to sew it up!

  21. Congratulations on your anniversary! I just returned to sewing this past summer and was excited to see your menswear patterns. While I have to get more miles under my sewing belt before I try them, I am very thankful that you have released your first woman’s pattern. I’m off to shop!

  22. Thank YOU for this beauty !!

  23. Lovely design! Congratulations!

  24. Beautiful. Exactly what I need for work!

  25. Oh, wow! I love it – thank you 🙂

  26. Hi! Happy anniversary! I loved the shirt 🙂 ir is such a nuce christmas gift for myself 😉

  27. Love it!! So excited you’ve got patterns for us ladies! And congrats on 2 years!

  28. It looks fantastic. Perfect blend of everyday and elegant. I just know the instructions will be top notch! Happy anniversary.

  29. awesome! this is a Lovely pattern! very elegant. congratulations on your anniversary! cheers to many more years (and patterns) to come!

  30. This pattern lookes really lovely! Thanks for the sale and congratulations on the anniversary! 🙂

  31. Love it. Purchased it. Great design.

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