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New Pattern! Meet the Comox Trunks.



The first pattern of our Alpine Collection is available today!  Head on over to our shop to order your Comox Trunks or our Comox Trunks Supplies kit. The tissue pattern is also available at many of our stockists (check to see if there is a retailer near you!).


These trunks are a quick project that will help you learn a number of techniques for sewing knits.  After a couple hours of sewing (either at your domestic machine or your serger – instructions include options for both) you will have a very comfortable pair of form fitting trunks with all of the design features found in high-end boxer brands – no center back seam, short legs, a strong double layered in-seam gusset and a right exit fly (the front ‘cup’ area that allows for bathroom breaks without pulling your pants down!).


The elastic waistband is quick and easy to sew onto the trunks and creates none of the extra bulk that fabric-covered elastic waistbands add beneath slim-fit pants (such as the Jedediah Pants).


Resized-4 Resized-7

If you are new to sewing knits and are a little nervous about choosing the right fabrics or elastic for your Comox Trunk project, you have the option of buying the Comox Trunks Supplies Kit.  You can purchase it with the pattern or, if you have bought the pattern through one of our stockists or simply want to make second pair of trunks, you can also buy it on its own.

Kit with pattern - resized

The kit includes the same fabric and elastic that we used for our samples.  Our models commented that the trunks were especially soft and weightless – they said they felt like they hardly had anything on (I think they had a point lol).  The fabric is a thin bamboo/cotton stretch jersey in your choice of charcoal grey or burgundy.  The elastic is a black, pre-shrunk knitted elastic that is firm and strong but not itchy.

kit - grey fabric - resized

Kit - red fabric - resizedWell, we hope you like our new pattern as much as we do!  It seems to me that many men HATE buying new underwear and tend to wear their most comfortable ones until they are rags.  There really isn’t an excuse for that any more, is there?  Now they can replace that perfect pair with another by sewing their own (or, if you are the significant other, you can do the honours and reap the rewards of a much more pleasant view when he’s dressing in the morning!).

45 thoughts on “New Pattern! Meet the Comox Trunks.

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  3. Oh man! I’m just working on the Newcastle Cardigan, but these look like a fun project to whip up for my husband…..will have to keep these in mind as my sewing list continues to grow, and grow, and grow! 🙂

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  5. I just told my fiance that I’m making us matching underwear. Didn’t even bat an eye, he’s used to my crazy sewing ideas!

  6. I love the new pattern! Thank you!! I have thought of sewing my husband’s underwear before, but I didn’t know if I could do it. Now with your instructions and pattern, I am sure I can.

  7. Yumo! Now to find myself a suitably fit boyfriend to make these for. Love your work!

  8. These look so fun!! I loved constructing the Jedediah pants – I think those might actually have been my favorite sewing project to date – and I can’t wait to see what the rest of your new line looks like!!

  9. yay! great pattern. love the photos!

  10. What? How come the hubby and dad aren’t posing for this one?? I am disappointed.
    Will have to try it. Great that it comes with instructions for both machines.

  11. Looks great! This is my favorite style of underwear for guys.

    • Perfect! They are our favourite too – briefs and boxers have their place but I don’t think you can beat trunks for their comfort combined with their attractive appearance.

  12. What a great pattern…my man is one of those that wears them till they fall apart and I found ones similar to these (at the store…but still) in style that he loves….so definitely need to convince the hubs now!! haha

  13. “Red or gray?” was all I had to say to my husband (and then I answered for him, “Red.”). I just made a pair of undies for myself, and now I can make some for him, too! And this is the exact style my guy likes!

  14. Looks good! I saw this pattern in a new shop that has opened near me. I thought I hadn’t seen it on the website before, but now I have!

  15. what a fun idea. i have never thought of sewing undies for the hubby before, but these look great!

  16. Love this and the eye candy not bad! Definitely getting this pattern, my husbands underwear is around $10 a piece, just think of all the extra fabric money I will have making very cool and extremely comfy underwear – ‘win win’ 🙂

    • Matt had been spending $30 a pair on his underwear (ridiculous!) so I knew it was time to create a home-sewn solution! I’m glad you like the pattern!

      • Mens underwear here in NZ is at least $25-30 for a pair of knit boxer shorts, $20 for undie-style. It’s stupid expensive for such small amounts of fabric! Consequently, like others, my husbands are looking a bit worse for wear. So looking forward to making these for him, once I get hold of some fabric – another winning pattern!

      • Your polka-dot pair is awesome 🙂 Thanks for posting about them!

  17. Wow… Thanks for the close ups, I mean, innovative pattern design! x

  18. What a surprise. I didn’t expect men’s underwear. I like the kit idea. Yeah to Comox! I touch down in Comox on my way to visit my brother on Hornby Island. I know this new pattern will be really successful. No one else is doing it!

    • Small world, isn’t it? 🙂 We named it after the Comox Glacier as part of the “Alpine” theme. I guess my models are lucky that I didn’t drag them up the mountain to pose in the glacial snow!

  19. Your photo shoot has given me a great giggle, I love the serious poses with rucksacks in the great outdoors in their underwear. Thankyou for brightening up my Monday morning! And I love the idea of being able to make pants, I recently made myself some from old t shirts and an online tutorial I assumed that mens ones would be too trickY. And my husbands pants look terrible, so I may well give this a go.

    • We had a blast with the shoot! The men are on the varsity basketball team at my sister’s university and were such troopers to give modelling a try. They had a blast testing out their ‘model expressions’ and did an excellent job hiding how extremely cold they were!

  20. Too bad, the shipping costs are too high for me to buy the kit, the custom duties in our country are horrible when the price goes over a certain amount. But I’ll definitely buy the pattern, my boyfriend is exactly one of those who wears them until they fall apart and the rtw-shorts are quite expensive to buy. So yay!

    • Yes…shipping sure is frustrating! We tried to keep the package as compact as possible, but it’s unfortunately the weight that has largely determined the price. I’m sure you will be able to find some perfect fabric locally – just look for anything that seems strong and use our knit stretch guide on the back of the pattern to help you with your choice. Happy sewing!

  21. Mmmm “they” look nice 🙂 seriously, great pattern for men!

  22. WOW! they look so great! My husband doesnt wear trunks….but he soon will!

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