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Blog Closing – thank you, and here’s an exclusive sale for you!


We’ve been busy as always at Thread Theory headquarters but, as you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t been adding to this blog much at all! It’s time to formally shut this blog down as other aspects of Thread Theory (and life) have been keeping me too occupied to give it the time it deserves. We have a huge line up of patterns at the brink of release so I’ll be putting all my extra energy into those for the next year.

I know many of you have followed along here for years (some of you have been here since the start in 2013)! To thank you for all the time you’ve given to reading and commenting on my posts, I’ve created a big discount code just for readers of this post. The code TTBLOGREADER will give you 25% off all physical patterns, notions and even Merchant & Mills tools. It’ll operate until December 10th 2021. You can browse gorgeous scissors, heirloom wooden tools, and all sorts of appealing menswear and women’s workwear patterns at your leisure! Head here to peruse the selection.

To keep abreast of Thread Theory pattern releases and sales, you are welcome to sign up for our newsletter (scroll to the bottom of the linked page to see the sign up form). We generally post once a month or less when we have relevant info to share and we like to add inspirational Thread Theory community makes or links to sewing education with each posts. It’s a great one stop way to stay in the loop!

Otherwise, Adrianna, our production manager, is very active on Thread Theory social media (Facebook and Instagram), so you could join in the fun there.

Lastly, if you are into Facebook Groups, there is a super active Thread Theory one where people would love to answer your specific sewing questions or view your latest menswear or women’s workwear makes!

This blog will remain online so old posts are still accessible by search engine and I have added the most useful of our tutorials (and all sew-alongs) directly to our website.

Thanks, again, for being my supportive community for so many years. This blog linked me to people worldwide who shared the same passions as I did long before I joined any form of social media! This is certainly a bittersweet moment but it is time now to embrace change and focus on the areas of life that need me and continue to allow my community (both locally and online) to grow.

5 thoughts on “Blog Closing – thank you, and here’s an exclusive sale for you!

  1. Happy to hear you are planning to release several new patterns in the near future – I will eagerly look forward to their release. Sorry to hear this site will be discontinued, however, I will sign up with one of your other alternatives.

  2. I’ve loved your blog and love the patterns!

  3. It has been a wonderful journey your blog and loved reading it and appreciate you are keeping it alive for us to refer to. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your adventures, the wonderful photos. I will be watching IG to see what you are up to and all the best with the new pattern releases.

  4. Aaaw , sad to see you go . I really enjoyed reading you and I loved all the fabulous photos !
    I guess I’ll have to visit to get the latest news. I am glad that I was able to enjoy it while it lasted.
    Best wishes in your new endeavours


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