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Camas Blouse Sew-Along Announcement


Camas Blouse Sew-along Announcement

Many of you have asked for it…a Camas Blouse sew-along complete with all of the bells and whistles!  Join me while I make several blouses this February.  The sew-along will begin next Monday, January 25th and it will be posted on our website indefinitely so that you can follow along whenever you feel inclined to embark on a Camas Blouse project.

In honor of the sew-along the Camas Blouse Tissue and PDF patterns are currently 25% off!  The sale will extend from today until Wednesday, Feb. 10th when the sew-along is finished.

Here is what we will be covering during this sew-along:

  1. Monday Jan. 25th: Choose your fabric and notions
  2. Wednesday Jan. 27th: Select a size and perform fit adjustments
  3. Friday Jan. 29th: Sew the Camas Blouse in a woven fabric (with no stretch)
  4. Monday Feb. 1st: Camas Blouse hacks – create a cardigan or dress, adjust the sleeve length
  5. Wednesday Feb. 3rd: Cut into your fabric and sew the yokes
  6. Friday Feb. 5th: Sew the sleeves, side seams and hem
  7. Monday Feb. 8th: Sew the blouse placket – 2 ways
  8. Wednesday Feb. 10th: Add closures and style an outfit!

Did you notice?  We will be done our Camas blouses, cardigans and dresses in time to wear them on Valentine’s Day!  Submit your progress shots and your finished blouses out on the town by using #camassewalong or by emailing me at

Let’s get sewing!  Download or order you Camas Blouse pattern at 25% off here.

22 thoughts on “Camas Blouse Sew-Along Announcement

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  3. how can I increase pattern size for a 50″ chest?

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  7. What luck! I have this pattern and it has now been bumped up the list to make! I am thrilled with the timing of this sew along 🙂

  8. I’ve downloaded the pattern and have it taped together. Looking forward to sewing along with everyone. I’m going to use Linda Lee’s Craftsy course on Fitting Solo to find my perfect size(s) and adjust the pattern to fit me. I like the idea of making this in a woven first, then I hope to follow some of the other ideas and use knits.

  9. Cute pattern not my size – darn

  10. Great! I have the pattern printed waiting for me so this is really at the right moment! Can`t wait to start! The hacks and sewing in a woven…so many possibilities .

  11. I definitely want to take part of the sew along. I have two versions I want to make in this pattern and the fabrics are all ready. I just need a push to get sewing. I plan one in a woven raw silk and one in a slippery cupro knit. The fabric will make them complete different.

  12. Yay! Bought the pattern a few weeks ago and haven’t gotten to it yet. This will be great motivation!

  13. I am in! I always wanted the blouse in a woven fabric 🙂

  14. Will you share how to make the lovely swoopy silk-backed Camas that was on the Britex blog? I have a piece of silk that would be perfect with some jersey I have, but I’d love some advice!

  15. Is this an good project for advanced beginner?

    • Yes! I think you can do it :). There are very few pattern pieces and the sewing steps are fairly short. The trickiest part is the placket but I will be going over this in great detail during the sew along! Start with a pretty stable fabric (not too slippy and not too stretchy) to make things easier on yourself.

      • Is the bamboo jersey in the thread theory shop considered a stable fabric?

      • Yes in some ways and no in another! The bamboo jersey is stable in that it has excellent recovery – when you stretch it and then let go it will immediately go back to it’s original shape. It is a fairly thin fabric though with quite a lot of stretch so I wouldn’t consider it as stable as a double kit fabric or interlock because it is likely to try to stretch a little bit while you sew.

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