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Winter’s Last Hurrah: Knitting Sale



Snow was falling in the Comox Valley this morning (which is quite unusual for late February in our area) so Matt and I have been wearing lots of cosy wool.  I’m embracing the winter weather by knitting and trying my hand at needle felting for the first time since both activities are great for dark evenings by the fire.  This is what our house looked like a couple of weeks ago…


Isn’t that amazing?! (Think in the context of my location of course…some of you in Quebec or Ottawa or especially the east coast of Canada might think nothing of this!).  On days like that, we simply couldn’t get enough wooly layers on to our bodies!

Anyhow, whether you are warming yourself by a fire or nearing the end of a hot summer, you can still enjoy my cosy vibes by taking advantage of my wintery discount code:  Our entire knitting section is 15% off in the Thread Theory shop! Use the discount code: WINTERKNITTING

The code is for this weekend only, it expires on Monday.


We have a great selection of 100% wool yarn in stock and some classic menswear knitting patterns by British designer Erika Knight.  I’ve also just added a gorgeous copper stitch marker set to the shop.  They were crafted by James of Fire and Hammer Forgeworks right here in the Comox Valley! The five closed stitch markers are made from recycled copper and come threaded on to a hammered copper stitch holder.


Aren’t they stunning?


While many of you have a passion for sewing (and obviously enjoy creating menswear), I don’t often hear talk of menswear knitting on the sewing blogs or Instagram accounts that I follow.  Do you enjoy both knitting and sewing?

I’ve really been enjoying knitting as sort of a ‘complimentary skill set’ to sewing…I wouldn’t say that knitting is a passion of mine but it certainly helps me to pursue what is a true passion for me: DIY, living simply, and the creation of a lovingly handmade wardrobe for Matt and myself.  We wear our knit toques daily and my freshly finished chunky wool sweater sits at my office chair so that it is always ready to warm me up.


Knitted garments are a staple in our cold season wardrobe.  Take the toque above as an example.  I knit this one for Matt last Winter and have found, ever since I finished his Dintex anorak, that he has been wearing the two pieces as a single outfit.  If he is wearing his jacket I would bet anything that he is also wearing his toque!  I tend to wear sewn and knit pieces as permanent outfits as well.  Once I realise that a certain scarf and hat look nice with my winter coat, they are worn as one complete package for the whole season.

Since I love to make our garments and we wear knit sweaters, toques, gloves, and scarves all Fall, Winter and some of Spring, knitting has really become an essential skill for me!  Sewing began as a hobby but I have started to learn knitting as a life skill.

How about you?

In case you are curious, I posted about Matt’s knit toque last winter.  It was knit using the Erika Knight menswear pattern poster and three partial skeins of Vintage Wool.


So tell me: How do you view knitting?  Is it a passion, a complimentary skill or a hassle?

Shop all things wooly (don’t forget to use the discount code: WINTERKNITTING to receive 15% off our knitting supplies!) >


5 thoughts on “Winter’s Last Hurrah: Knitting Sale

  1. Wow so much snow, here in SW UK not much seen at all. Love the stitch markers they are wonderful. Knitting was my first passion from the age of 4 when my mum taught me basic knit and purl, and over the years I have become confident with most advanced patterns. I find knitting a great wind down of an evening and stress reliever. Sewing became my second passion only three years ago and I spend more time sewing than knitting now. I feel sewing is my day hobby and knitting my evening hobby. Just need to speed up how long projects on both sides take me as would like to be reaching for handmade garments everyday for me as well as my family. X

  2. I feel similarly about knitting. I started (18 months ago) because there was no way I could take my sewing machine on holiday with me! I love wearing knitwear, and I love making clothes so it seemed like a logical step. It’s been a steep learning curve, but it’s something I can see myself keeping up – partly because it’s so portable. (And as Krista said above, I also love seeing what you’re stocking in your shop – it’s always ethically/environmentally sound and really, really beautiful.)

  3. I must admit I have a hankering for both sewing and knitting, and right now knitting is winning out. Love the wools and the colors that you have chosen to carry…might just have to add to my stash even though I have a few projects already in the queue.

  4. So THATS where all the snow is this season! We had a 75.F day here in WV! My men don’t like knitted/wool products as they find they stretch out too much, but are always happy when I sew them something! I have always had a knitted project on the go for those times that I can’t get to the sewing room. One thing, though I HATE sewing up knitted project so always have to do projects that aren’t pieced. Weird, huh, when sewing is such a passion???

  5. I can’t get over how much snow your area has had this year! All that shoveling! I live in the Midwest USA and we have not had any snow at all for a while now…kind of unusual for us, but we’re okay with it. 🙂

    The knitting is gorgeous, and the stitch markers would make a project so much more special. I love your eye for products! 🙂

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