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The Winter Fabric Collection is here (along with more Dintex!)



The Thread Theory fabric shop is ready for cold weather!  Meet the cozy capsule collection of winter fabrics:


These fabrics were chosen so that you can bundle up without feeling like a stuffed sausage.  They are light weight, breathable, extra soft and COZY!


We’ve stocked this tiny collection with a total of 5 perfect layering fabrics.  Let’s start with outerwear and work our way inwards.

Outer Layer


This is a wool blend outerwear fabric suited to wet and stormy West Coast weather!  It is actually a Dintex fabric just like the softshell fabric that you guys like so much (more on that fabric later).  The outer layer is a rich warm charcoal knit comprised of hard wearing acrylic and poly blended with wool.  The middle layer is waterproof, windproof and breathable Dintex, and the inner layer is a light weight fleece which is perfect built in insulation.  The end result is not very bulky but would make for an incredibly warm and classy Goldstream Peacoat or Newcastle Cardigan.

If you are like me and hate when lint and dog fur sticks to fabric, I would recommend lining your coat or sweater.  The cozy inner fleece layer tends to pick up bits and might stick to your sweater or shirt.  I think it is best suited to act as a warm layer of insulation rather than a smooth lining.


Middle Layer

Working our way inwards, the next layer in our winter collection is a luxurious terrycloth sweatshirt knit!


This warm oatmeal colored 100% cotton terry features a beautifully subtle herringbone design on both the right and wrong side.  Despite how cozy and appealing terry cloth is, I usually avoid it because I find the loose loops on the wrong side of the fabric to be quite annoying and prone to catching on nails or watches and jewellery.  That’s why this terry cloth really gets me excited!  The wrong side is even better than the right side – it doesn’t have loose loops and instead features herringbone ridges of deliciously soft fuzz.  The ridges feel somewhat like velour (VERY SOFT).  You can see the ridges on the top right in the photo collage above.


This fabric is 300 gsm which means it is not very bulky and will be easy to sew on any machine.  It is an ideal fabric choice for the Newcastle Cardigan or the Finlayson Sweater.

I’ve also stocked the matching ribbing for your hem bands, cuffs and necklines (pictured on the bottom right in the photo collage above).  This ribbing would also pair nicely with the heathered almond bamboo/cotton jersey that we’ve carried in the shop for quite some time.

Base Layer

Now, speaking of bamboo/cotton jersey let’s talk about the base layer in this collection!  We’ve carried quite a few solid colors of bamboo/cotton jersey in our shop ever since we launched the Comox Trunks kit.  The Comox Trunks were designed for this hard wearing, beautifully soft work horse of a fabric.  Well, when I was in Vancouver attending the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals vendor market two weekends ago, I was excited to chat with one of our fabric distributors and find out that my favorite fabric is now available in Breton stripes!


I’ve added classic navy and white as well as a more sedate heather grey and navy to this winter collection.


These fabrics are ideal for any garment that will sit closely against the skin because they breath wonderfully and are so amazingly soft.  They also withstand constant washing and drying like a champ!

I’m imagining these two stripes sewn up into our free Arrowsmith Undershirt pattern, trunks and, of course, classic Breton Tees (the Hot Patterns Weekender Breton Top will be back in stock in our shop soon!).


Dintex Fabric

As you may have noticed, the winter capsule collection is particularly small.  The entire collection is comprised of only five pieces because I wanted to save room in the budget for a big order of a rainbow of Dintex colors!


This softshell fabric has such beautiful color options!  I know we are a menswear supply shop…but who could resist that plum color?  I was really wanting to add olive to this collection but unfortunately, olive isn’t available at this time.  I hope it will be in the future!

I hope you enjoy my winter fabric choices.  Head on over to the supply shop to check them out in more detail. >

6 thoughts on “The Winter Fabric Collection is here (along with more Dintex!)

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  2. Will you by chance be purchasing any more of that lovely plum color in the Dimtex. I had been waiting and waiting to see the new colors, but when I popped on today I noticed the plum was sold out! Blast! It is such a perfect color.

  3. Title this, “Even happier than I hoped to be!” Yep, you guys are a menswear supply site, and that’s exactly why I come (I LOVE to shop and sew for the three men I love [two are grown sons…]), but you are soooo right… That plum-colored Dintex is utterly irresistible, and I am delighted to acknowledge that I won’t even bother trying! But, the plum-coloured “that’ll be for me…” offering was an unanticipated bonus. That charcoal-knit Dintex? Ohhhh, my gorgeous goodness… I better book-off some vacation days pretty quick-like, because I’m envisioning pea coats for all of my men under the Christmas tree! The only question that concerns me is this one: which is going to come first — next week’s payday, or ThreadTheory’s announcement that they have already sold out. :-/ The reason I clicked so eagerly, however, when I received the email that the winter fabrics were in, was to see if (“please, please, please…”) the sold-out superfine merino knits had been restocked. I so hope my eyes are not deceiving me, as I don’t think you referenced it in your post, but has the “sold-out” condition been removed from the charcoal selection? I hope, at some point, you might once again re-stock that gorgeous Moroccan blue, but I’ll happily have the charcoal, if it’s once again available! So, renewed inventory of what I have so-hoped you’d once again offer, plus two more (at least!) non-negotiable must-haves. Yay!

    • Thanks for your enthusiastic comment, it really made my day to have someone as thrilled with these fabrics as I am!!! Andyour eyes did not deceive you! The superfine merino knit in Charcoal is back in stock :D. The Moroccan blue is on back order so I think it will be available in the shop some time mid December (but hopefully earlier). Both the superfine and and double knit merinos are such lovely fabrics. I hope our distributor will increase the color range for these over time!

      We still have plum Dintex in stock and enough of the Wool blend Dintex to make that Peacoat 🙂

      I hope you enjoy working with our fabrics! Please send me an email if you have any questions while you are ordering or sewing :). You can reach me at

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