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Dintex Fabric & other upcoming goodies


I’ve been receiving bucketloads of emails (and extra large quantities of shop visitors) ever since our Dintex fabric sold out!  We still have 1.5 m of Charcoal Dintex in stock which would be perfect if you have a smaller project in mind…but otherwise, you are out of luck for a couple of weeks.


There is good news though: I spent most of this week on the computer ordering all sorts of really exciting items for the Thread Theory shop…including Dintex in 8 (!!!) colors!  Stay tuned for stormy blue, bright teal, rich plum, a pretty dove grey, and more.  It isn’t all 100% good news though: I was really hoping to order Dintex in olive (since this is such a classic color for anoraks and also my favorite color) but, unfortunately, it isn’t available in olive right now.  Maybe soon?

In addition to new fabrics, I’ve also ordered a myriad of tools to spruce up your sewing machine and tool box.  You can also expect new high end notions to bump the quality of your sewing projects up to the next level.  And you can look forward to more gorgeous tailoring canvases, interfacing, linings (striped!!!) and pocketing.


Right now we have restocked some of the locally created wooden sewing tools in our shop.  If you’ve been waiting for an acorn thimble case or tape measure (as many of you have been ever since they were featured in a couple of sewing magazines recently), the wait is over.

Shirt Sewing Tools-28.jpg

Thank you to everyone at the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals conference last weekend for making Matt and I feel very welcome.  We greatly valued all of your feedback and requests about our patterns and tools!  Actually, many of the items I ordered for our shop this week were chosen based on this feedback and also based on some very helpful emails that you guys have been sending me lately.  You are looking for thimbles in multiple sizes?  Coming soon!  You would like to order tailoring canvas (like the canvas included within our tailoring kits) by the meter for your coat project?  You will soon be able to do so.  You would really like to sew a cozy yet waterproof Newcastle Cardigan?  Me too!  And fabric is on it’s way.


Aside from fabric and notion requests, a few of you have also been emailing me with some inspiring ideas for future patterns.  I always become a workaholic in the Fall as the weather cools and I delve deep into my sewing projects.  Your ideas for full pattern lines, specific features in future patterns, and improvements to our existing patterns are contributing hugely to my current desire to design and make EVERYTHING! Speaking of making things, I just finished this buffalo check Fairfield Shirt for my Dad this week.  I’m giving it to him when he comes for dinner tonight!


Anyways, please keep those ideas coming :).  If you ever come across an inspiring garment, read a great article, notice a complete lack of pattern options, have feedback about the blog or website, or even want to share cool design feature within a pattern or store bought garment, please don’t hesitate to email! (  Just because something isn’t fully relevant to the patterns or supplies we currently offer doesn’t mean it won’t be useful to Thread Theory in the future. Special thanks, this week, goes to Joanna Dyson for sharing this excellent article from the New York Times on women’s workwear.  I’ve been daydreaming and scheming ever since!

10 thoughts on “Dintex Fabric & other upcoming goodies

  1. I’m so excited to order the Dintex fabric when it comes in! Thanks for ordering so many colours. It’s going to be a difficult decision, although I’m fairly certain I’ll end up with the plum. Have you ordered lots of fabric, or should we be worried about having to order quickly before it sells out again?

    Love the buffalo check Fairfield shirt, and I’m guessing your dad did too!

    • We ordered fairly small amounts to see which colors would be in greatest demand. I will probably be allowing pre-orders next time so that we can order larger amounts! Yes, my Dad loves his new shirt 🙂 My sister photographed him wearing it on a hike last weekend so I hope to blog about it on Friday if she is able to send me the images in time!

  2. These are super exciting ideas and things coming up. I read the article you linked to–it was really interesting. I do think the main problem for those companies is that their prices are going to be hard to swallow for farmers and other laborers. I’m also surprised they didn’t mention Carhartt’s, which does have a women’s line. I would love to make a few of your patterns as womenswear, specially the Jütlands, your Henley, and the cardigan (I like the cool seams at the shoulders). I don’t know if the market is there, and I really think you are filling an important niche in menswear, but I’ll put my two cents worth in anyway. 😉 You guys do a great job at what you do. I really like your company, and I wish you lots of success.

    • Thanks for your two cents – always greatly appreciated :). I think, if I were to make workwear patterns for women (as part of our “Meadow” collection to pair with the Camas Blouse, I would make sure that they include variations that are suited to women who simply want casual, comfortable, and rugged clothing (not heavy work wear). That way the market would be far larger! I plan to continue a longterm focus on sewing menswear but would love to mix in a few menswear inspired women’s options now and again :).

      • I really like that idea. It’s very smart. I do love that you do menswear–you are really filling a gap in the market, and I think occasional womenswear in the vein you mention would fit with your aesthetic and scratch that itch I was mentioning. I also think it’s something that isn’t being done very much in womenswear.

  3. Fabulous post. I’m very excited to make this for my son. The photographs here are very clear. I will most likely refer back to them when the time comes.

  4. Inspiring post! Could you comment in a future post on fitting women (and men for that matter) who have long torsos where ready to wear pants just don’t fit. Especially jeans which are harder to make at home.

    • Interesting fitting challenge! I would love to know more – for instance – do you find that the rise of most pants is too short (you would like the waistband to sit higher?). I imagine this is the case. And are the legs generally too long? I would recommend increasing the crotch depth. The crotch depth (also called Body Rise) is the measurement of the distance from your waist to the bottom of your hips (you can find out how to take this measurement in our How to Measure a Man tutorial!). By cutting across the pant pattern horizontally at the low hip and then adding length you will be raising the waistband higher and giving your long torso more room. You can find a tutorial on how to lengthen a pattern here. After doing this, you will likely need to make a mock up and adjust the curve of the pants at the hips and centre back since your hips and seat will probably have a more gradual curve than the original. I will certainly keep a tutorial for this on my to-do list, especially since we have a pants pattern in the works

  5. This is all sounds VERY exciting! I can’t wait to see you new stuff 🙂 You always carry the finest quality at reasonable prices. I’m just on my second Henley (t-shirt) for my husband. He loved the first one and it turned out to be a great fit at XL (well I added just a tiny bit for his ever so slightly apparent tummy) – I discovered however that’s it’s better to have a band placed at the arm opening and hemming to help those areas keep their shape. I’m still looking at your Dintex and wondering how different or similar it is to Gortex?

    • Hi Kathleen,
      I’m glad to hear that your Strathcona Tee turned out great! I hope your second one is the same result :). I agree, adding bands at the hem really helps to prevent stretching out and add strength. I also find it to be a longer lasting finish than using a twin needle. To answer your question about Dintex – it is very similar to Gortex! The Gortex patent has ended so other companies are developing fabrics with the same polypropoline middle layer that is waterproof but allows the body to breath. It’s very exciting for a fabric nerd like me!

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