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Spring Sewjo – Sew ALL the projects!


You guys have been sewing up a storm lately!  Here are a few of my favorite projects that you have sent me via email or I have come across on blogs this late Winter/early Spring.

Dopp Kit dIY

Krista emailed me with these wintery photos of her very classy canvas and leather Dopp Kit with silver Chicago Screw fasteners.  She made this kit using the tutorial that I created to go along with our Bag Making Supplies Kit.

Goldstream Peacoat in Grey Wool

I came across this elegant charcoal grey wool Goldstream Peacoat on the blog Tiny Needles.  Amelie sewed this coat for her dad for Christmas.  I love the look of the popped collar!

Goldstream with plaid

This Goldstream Peacoat, blogged at Louna le Chat, features the hood that we included in Variation 2.  It looks very capable of warding off the chilly seaside breeze.  The plaid lining is a really nice touch (I wish I could find such a nice plaid at my local fabric shop!).

Jutland Shorts with custom pockets

There have been a few Jutland Pants popping up lately – such as these ones which have been so wonderfully customized by Ben!  He emailed me with photos and explained some of the customizing: Obviously, he made them in to shorts, but less obviously, he created all manner of pockets to suit his preferences.  Check out the amazing welt pockets just above the cargo pockets!  The cargo pockets themselves have been redrafted as accordion pockets (I believe) and have been added to the shorts on an angle.

Strathcona and Jutland

Lisa, of Pattern and Branch, has been on a menswear kick of late – here is her cozy Strathcona Henley and the source of her sewing pride: These perfect Jutlands!  Check out her very detailed blog post on these trousers if you would like to feel inspired by the joy that sewing can add to someone’s life!Camas Blouse and Moss Skirt

I meant to share Helena’s Camas Blouse with your during our Camas Sew-Along but I don’t think I ever did!  I really love the sporty aesthetic of this outfit – I think the Camas pairs wonderfully with the Grainline Studio Moss Skirt!

Camas Blouse Floral

Lastly, this beautiful Camas Blouse featuring a Liberty print yoke was recently blogged about on Autant en emporte l’automne.  It really has me wishing for a Camas in white since I can see this blouse going with absolutely everything.  She has photographed the blouse worn two different ways; I really like how it looks tucked in to high-waisted trousers.


Thank you for sharing your Thread Theory projects with me!  As always, please send along photos of your finished makes to  – they really make my day 🙂



3 thoughts on “Spring Sewjo – Sew ALL the projects!

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  2. Thanks so much for featuring my projects! It’s so fun to see them here in the company of so many other really amazing finished products!

  3. Camas in white – so beautiful! My Camas didn’t turn out so lovely but it was my “practice” run so I don’t feel TOO badly about that. I think I will make it next time with a bias finish instead of facing and use some pretty silk I have for the yokes. Seeing how she did her yokes blending woven with knit just made it pop!

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