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A Nettie for Sewing Indie Month


Thread Theory Sewing Indie Month (4 of 7)

Sewing Indie Month has officially started (as of September 1st) and there is a second pattern bundle on offer!  I joined in the festivities once again (see my last post explaining SIM here) by sewing one of the pattern’s included in the second bundle – the Nettie Bodysuit by Closet Case Files!

Thread Theory Sewing Indie Month (2 of 7)

I’ve been meaning to sew several of these for quite some time (this pattern made an appearance in the Spring Wardrobe Plans that I made last winter) but always put it to the bottom of my list because I planned for my Netties to be quite basic so they could be paired with more exciting garments in my wardrobe.  Sewing basics can sometimes be a touch dull!  I’m glad that Sewing Indie Month has got me started on Netties at last because this one only took an hour to sew and now I finally have a basic navy long sleeve to pair with my printed Lazo Pants (the women’s pattern that we have been working on for the last several months)!

Aside from the Nettie, the second SIM pattern bundle includes some great pieces that will work well with Fall sewing plans.  They are largely knit projects which are quick and easy to accomplish during the busy month of September!  Here are the designs included:


There are quite a few patterns that pique my interest in this bundle (since I love wearing knits).  The highest priority for me is the Jasper Sweater by Paprika Patterns which I will be sewing this winter.  I think it would suit my sister and her mountain climbing/camping adventures very well and so it would make a great Christmas present!

This pattern bundle will be on sale until this Thursday September 10th.  This time, 20% of the proceeds will be donated to the organization Women for Women which helps women dealing with violence, marginalization and poverty due to war and conflict.  Head on over to the Sewing Indie Month headquarters to check out the pricing for this bundle.  It is organized in such a way that you can pay anywhere from $25 to $38 depending on how many of the patterns you would like.


Now, time to talk a bit more about my Nettie and my Lazo Trousers:

Thread Theory Sewing Indie Month (5 of 7)

The Nettie is sewn out of a very stretchy and very soft bamboo knit which I purchased from my local Fabricland.  I decided to sew the scoop neck and high back variations with long sleeves and I chose to make it as a top rather than a dress or a bodysuit.  I simply cut the pattern a couple of inches below the “Attach skirt” line (for the dress variation) to give myself lots of length.  I avoided bindings by cutting out two fronts and two backs to create a shirt lining.  This way I would have a bit more coverage than a single layer of the thin fabric provided and the neckline finish would be very clean (which is my favorite look for scoop neck t-shirts).  To assemble the shirt I sewed the shoulder seams on each set of Nettie bodies and then I placed the two shirts with right sides together so that the neckline formed a “O”.  I stitched all the way around this, under-stitched around the neckline and then pulled the lining through to the inside.  From this point onwards I treated the two layers as one shirt and sewed the rest of the garment as per normal.

Thread Theory Sewing Indie Month (6 of 7)

I chose the size 2 when cutting out the Nettie pattern and I like the tight sleeves and close fitting bodice but I think the shoulders ended up being way too narrow for me.  I expected this based on how wide and straight my shoulders are compared to my chest measurement – they have always given me problems when purchasing store bought t-shirts!  I wanted to see how the size 2 fit for this shirt though and for my next variations I plan to go up to a size 4 and maybe even increase the shoulder width further.Thread Theory Sewing Indie Month (7 of 7)

The Lazo Pants that I paired my new Nettie with are made from a crazily printed Tencel which is my favorite fabric choice for this pattern.  It has such a nice weight to it while still retaining a floaty and casual feel.  I like that these pants make me feel as though I am wearing a skirt – my legs are completely unrestricted.  For this pair of Lazos I added a tie belt in self fabric.  I figured, if I am going to make statement pants, I may as well pull out all the stops by placing a big fabric bow front and center!

Sorry to tease you by showing you the Lazos while the pattern still languishes unfinished!  We are still working away on it and promise to release it one day :P.


I hope you are able to join in the Sewing Indie Month celebrations!  Be sure to check out the other bloggers who are posting their SIM projects while the pattern bundle is on sale:

Links to participating Bundle 2 bloggers:

5 thoughts on “A Nettie for Sewing Indie Month

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  3. Your Nettie looks great with those Lazo pants! Goes together so nicely, and suits you so well. Will look forward to seeing your version of the Jasper; I just made one and love the pattern.

  4. Patiently waiting for Lazo!!

  5. Great outfit! Still excited about the Lazo pants! I’m about to cut out some Netties too, love the idea of the lining. And can’t wait to see your Jasper!

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