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In The Wild-It’s all about the Camas!




A compliation of your finished projects by Nicole

You guys! What an incredible response to our new Camas top! We are already getting lots of photos of completed tops so I am just going to dive right in:

1. Over at Cookin’ and Craftin’ you will find a lovely bunch of photos of this Mod flower Camas top (by the way, floral Camas blouses get bonus points since Camas is a kind of meadow flower!). This Camas features a sturdy knit for the placket and yoke- a great way to skip interfacing!

cookin and craftin camas

2. If one were going to be married in a Camas Blouse, surely it would be this pearl buttoned, lacy yoked, soft white dream from Couture In Love (as seen on Instagram):

couture in love camas

3. Deadly Craft made a sleeveless version for the Australian heat- but sequinned for the holiday season. Look how lovely the back drape is when it’s tucked in.

deadly craft camas

4.  I did a triple-take when I first saw Elena’s Camas top with the bird hanging out on her– was that photoshopped?? Nope, really a bird, and really a lovely top. She shortened the sleeves which looks really flattering, and the snaps are a great touch. Elena also went two sizes smaller to get the fit she prefers, so it’s worth exploring the finished garment measurements (provided in the pattern) to get the fit you want.

elena knits

5. The first woven Camas we’ve seen so far came from Amy and Tasha at Friends Stitched Together. This would be a great post to read if you are considering using a woven fabric instead of a knit.

friends stitched together


6. And Finally, wise words from Gallomane at Threads and Needles: ‘à refaire des miliers de fois!” (To be made thousands of times!)



Whew- six gorgeous new tops for hard working sewists! It is so fun to see how people change the pattern after Morgan sends it out into the world- shortening or removing sleeves, adding snaps, using wovens. It will be exciting and inspiring to see all the ways people continue to customize their Camas tops!

8 thoughts on “In The Wild-It’s all about the Camas!

  1. OOH I’m almost finished with mine! The holidays pushed me back..

  2. Pingback: Elena knits

  3. love the shortened sleeve, and glad to read about trying a smaller size…that was my thought for my second camas…my first seems very “maternity”-like. Also learned not to use the twin needle with hem tape on a slinky stiff and wavy.

  4. All are beautiful!

  5. This was a wonderful pattern to work with and thank you for featuring my Camas Blouse here 🙂 Gerry is not a photoshopped bird, he’s real, and can be annoying and lovely at the same time. In this lonely hobby, he’s my sewing companion!

  6. What a bunch of pretty blouses! Thanks so much for featuring my blue version! I’m thinking about a viscose version next … It’s such a loose fit I think I’d be able to pull it off…

  7. These all look great! I especially like Elena’s and I think I’ll have to shorten the sleeves next time.

  8. Ooh, they’re all so pretty! Thanks for featuring mine! I’m already planning my next Camas…

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