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Artist Made Wooden Sewing Tools


When Matt and I were at CREATE recently, a woman who took my Comox Trunks sewing class told us that her dad made beautiful wooden sewing tools.  He had some on display at the front entrance to CREATE so we went to check them out – and knew they would be a wonderful addition to our shop!

Wooden Sewing Tools

Wray Parsons is a skilled wood worker on Vancouver Island who specializes in creating sewing tools.  He is very particular with his selection of woods – he uses local wood or sustainably harvested exotic woods and creates precision instruments in very small batches.


Each and every one of his tools is unique because of his wood choice and the different design elements he likes to add.  We’ve added a drop down wood selection list to each item in our store so you can choose the wood you like best!

As you can tell, I really admire Wray’s woodworking but, as a fellow designer, I perhaps relate even more to the time and effort he has put into creating very functional designs.


The large, three legged velvet pin cushion, for instance, features a stable wooden base that prevents pins from slipping deep into the cushion or poking out the bottom (my pet peeves with the classic tomato shaped cushion!).


The needle minders he makes include very strong magnets so that your pins won’t slip off.


He includes one magnet embedded within the needle minder and a second one is loose so that you can sandwich non-magnetic things (a table leg perhaps?) and your needle minder will always be within easy reach!


The seam rippers are probably my favorite item – the tapered handle really showcases the interesting grains in each type of wood.


Wray has chosen high quality metal blades which include a safety ball.  Several years ago I cut myself really badly using a seam ripper that didn’t have a safety ball so this little feature is very necessary to me!


To make these seam ripper’s even safer, Wray creates matching wooden lids that fit extremely snugly (unlike those silly clear plastic ones that are forever sliding off and cracking in my sewing box!).


If you’d like to see all the wood choices and read more details, head on over to our store!

And one last note before I post this: In case anyone is reading this while planning gifts for me (***hint*** Matt, my darling hubby :P), a Zebra Wood Seam Ripper is on my wishlist!

4 thoughts on “Artist Made Wooden Sewing Tools

  1. These are absolutely fantastic! I’m adding the bird’s eye maple seam ripper to my Christmas list. So so beautiful. I really appreciate the little things like this. It will make seam ripping a much more joyous experience 😉 😉

  2. Wow! These are amazing 🙂 My husband does a bit of woodworking but hasn’t made anything this intricate. Maybe I’ll *accidently* leave this page open for him 😉

  3. That is beautiful craftsmanship. I don’t know if I would want to toss it into the bottom of my sewing basket! It should be on display!

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