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In the Wild: Comox Trunks and Jeds for Women


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Here we are in the second week of my new In the Wild feature.  Today I have some perfect stripe matching and lovely bright colors to show you!  Check out these Comox Trunks by Mariëlle!
Comox Trunks by Marielle

Mariëlle reported to me by email that she has been happily working her way through our selection of patterns lately.  This has resulted in the dire situation that more menswear has been leaving her sewing room than clothing for herself!  She’s contemplating sewing some Jedediah Pants for herself next to begin to turn this situation around…and I really can’t wait to see how they turn out!

I think they’ll make an excellent pair of relaxed and boxy ‘boyfriend jeans’.  In fact, I’ve tried on Matt’s Jeds, and aside from being a couple sizes too big, I can see that a smaller size would actually suit me quite nicely!  I think to make this style work for my own fit preference (I don’t like wearing a belt so I like the waistband to be quite snug) I would likely grade from the smallest size at the waistband to once size larger at the hips to make the hip curve more pronounced.  I would keep the larger size for the rest of the pants (to keep them loose and casual looking).  If you prefer the relaxed/boxy fit that menswear pants offer I think you could sew these pants up for yourself without any adjustments (as long as you don’t have too big of a booty as these pants are designed for pretty straight/curve-less men! :P).

Jeds for women

(Photo from

Would you consider making boyfriend jeans with the Jedediah Pants pattern?  I made a Pinterest board featuring women in chinos to get you inspired (be warned lots of floral pants are involved…I got a little carried away with my ideas about feminizing the pattern!).

8 thoughts on “In the Wild: Comox Trunks and Jeds for Women

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  2. I have actually been planning to make some for myself as I liked the bicycle themed shorts I made for Mr M so much!

  3. What a great idea! I find men’s jeans so much more comfortable than women’s. I’m definitely trying this.

    • Me too! I always grumble to Matt that it isn’t fair how he gets to wear super comfortable pants that allow him to do anything while my wardrobe has me constantly choosing between comfortable but restricting skirts or versatile but tight/uncomfortable pants! Maybe menswear pants are the answer :).

  4. I like the idea of boyfriend jeans…. but I just don’t have that flat-booty boyfriend shape! haha 🙂

  5. Ooh…I love the idea of make Jedediah pants for me! And I think I have the fabric on hand!

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