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Comox Trunks Sew-Along: Photographing your Comox Trunks sans sexy model



What’s that?  You finished your Comox Trunks and really want to put your name in for our awesome prize pack but don’t have a super willing and sexy model at your disposal?  Not to worry!  There are plenty of other ways to show us your Comox Trunks.  And even if you aren’t very skilled with a camera, you still have a chance to win our prize because we’re picking the winner at random and not based on how great your trunks (or your photos) look.

Here are some options to show us your Comox Trunks:

1. Grab a clothes line or a pretty patch of grass/sofa/carpet and shoot your shorts in 2D.  Just because your shorts aren’t filled in by a masculine body doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate your gorgeous fabric choice and careful top stitching!


2. If you’re really set on showing us a ‘filled in and rounded out’ sample, why not have a look around the house for male models of the non-human variety?  Who is more loyal and helpful…Teddy? Dog?  We will soon find out!teddy in boxersdog in underwear


3. Recruit models from elsewhere!  I gave David Beckham a ring and he was more than happy to set aside some of his modelling time to help out in the Thread Theory studio:
David in Comox Trunks

***ahem…my Photoshop skills are rather lacking but you get the idea…***

Now all you need to do is snap some pictures and upload them to an area of the internet of your choice (your blog, Facebook, Kollabora, Burdastyle, Thread & Needles, Pinterest, Flickr…etc.) and then add a link to them in the comments section of this post.  Alternatively, email your photo to  Do this by May 5th for a chance to be entered in the draw for our prize pack!  The winner will be drawn on May 8th.  Happy sewing and photographing!

48 thoughts on “Comox Trunks Sew-Along: Photographing your Comox Trunks sans sexy model

  1. Very last minute submission. The trunks were a pleasure to sew, but I expected no less!!

    • Thanks for entering your trunks! They look great, I love all the narrow stripes you use for your menswear projects – they look so manly with a vintage touch :).

  2. These were a great sew. I wish my construction photos had worked out. I used black with black thread. I will say that hubby loves the feel.

    I wouldn’t let my sexy husband model, even though he was willing. So, I had to use Manny the Mannequin. They don’t fit Manny as well as they fit Mr. Toad. I also tried to model them on Cheetah, but he just wanted to watch the basketball game.

    • Thanks for your entry! Nice model! Good luck with your son’s pair, I hope the sewing process goes very smoothly for you now that you are familiar with all the steps.

  3. I loved making these shorts, definitely planning on making more. My hubbie wants the legs longer (and I need to find a better elastic for the waist, thanks for the recent posting regarding this!) Here is a link to my pair (sans model):
    JAQ undies v1

  4. Here’s my entry!

    I’ve had a hard time taking photos because my husband keeps wearing them 🙂 I actually made them over a week ago. The first time he put them on he was actually surprised at how comfy they were and how great they fit! Next time I’ll probably go down a size though. Thanks for a great pattern that I will definitely use over and over! (I also love the long johns version. I’ll have to try that sometime soon :))

  5. Here are my version, made for my husband. It was such a fun pattern to sew, as are all of your patterns!
    Comox Trunks
    Comox Trunks

    • Thanks for your entry, what a great combination of colours and stripes! I just saw your Newcastle using fabric from Emma One Sock – it’s gorgeous!!! I haven’t seen any Newcastle’s made up in a print yet and have been imagining one in a similar print ever since we developed the pattern. It doesn’t look like there is any of this particular fabric left (sigh) but I haven’t checked the store for a while and I am loving all the new sweater knits in stock!

  6. It has taken me forever, but I FINALLY convinced my husband to model them (you have to scroll down to the bottom of the post for the “goods” 🙂 Hehe! Thank you for the great pattern, and the opportunity to win fabric to make more!

    • Great job, Nicole! And thank you, to your husband, for doing an excellent job of modelling 🙂 I must say, his muscles sure fill out the trunk legs nicely!

  7. I keep missing the opportunity to take a photo on my personal live model so this will have to do:
    I used your kit and love the quality of the fabric and the elastic, they’ve washed really well and are still super soft, so thanks for the post on your elastic source!

  8. I just finished some new Comox Trunks, it’s for my boyfriend but since he only agreed to do some quite boring pictures without his head, I draw myself a mustache, added a sock to the trunks, and took a picture just for the fun of it.

    I did a chevron version, this was rally nice to sew.

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  10. Hi Morgan and Matt :)!, here are my Comox trunks :
    I am sorry, my sexy model was not very cooperative ^^. Thanks for the great sew-along !!

  11. I finally got mine done! And made a matching pair for myself 🙂

    Thank you for this wonderful pattern and sew-along – I can’t wait to sew more of your designs! They are just detailed enough to be deliciously satisfying, yet not intimidating.

    • Wow! They turned out excellent! That’s really nice of your husband to model them for the photos. I hope he gets lots of use out of his long underwear for many winters to come.

  12. This was a really satisfying, quick project and perfectly timed release for my husband’s birthday! Now it’s back to working on his Goldstream Peacoat!

  13. Here is my pair I made for my husband 🙂 (I hope I added the link right!)

  14. Hey Morgan, thanks for doing the sew-a-long, it was really well timed as I was looking for a first project!

    I wrote up and submit my pictures here:

    The instructions and pictures on the blog were really helpful, however sometimes I struggled a little to see the stitching because your thread is (presumably intentionally!) the same color as the fabric, as an example project I think perhaps it would have been even easier to see if the thread contrasted the fabric 🙂

    Also, if you had any thoughts about why my zig zags got squished a little when sewing the hem I would be super appreciative.

    I wanted to compliment you on the collection branding and packaging, it’s really well done!

    • Wow, you’ve done an amazing job! I am thrilled that our pattern and sew-along helped you begin to sew! I am really impressed with how well your shorts turned out (and that you modelled them…bonus points). Your blog post was a great read too. And thank you for the tip about our photos, I struggled with accurately photographing the grey fabric in particular and will most definitely use a contrast thread for future sew-alongs after seeing how clear the stitching stood out on your trunks.

      As for your slightly squished stitches over the thicker areas of your hem and waistband: If your machine allows you to adjust the presser foot tension (this dial is usually on the top left of your machine but is not available on all machines) it will help a lot to reduce the tension. If you don’t have this option, you’ll likely find that the more familiar you are with guiding your fabric through the machine, the less often this will tend to happen. You can compensate at the thicker areas by guiding the fabric through with a very (VERY) slight pull so that the feed dogs don’t get bound up. Really though, it can be a little tricky to get a perfectly regular stitch when sewing knits so I wouldn’t worry yourself too much. Now, when you move on to your button up shirt, you will find your machine reacts with the woven cotton so nicely and it will make that project just that much easier!

      Happy sewing! I look forward to seeing your future projects!

  15. Thanks for your entry! I’m glad you liked the post lol. I had fun Google searching and with Photoshop!

  16. Ha ha- I don’t know if Beckham or the dog is funnier! My first pair of Comox trunks are blogged here:

  17. Well I guess I had better add mine too. I have raided the stash and now have 7 of the requested dozen pair made. Will be trying out some slinky knits next, which hubby loves. I will add photos to my review when more are made, which again you are welcome to add to your gallery if you would like to. Excellent pattern, I love that I can get a pair out of scraps that would be otherwise too small for anything useful, & the butt seam accentuates a nice butt! (IMHO)

  18. I made some trunks for my brother for his birthday. I used knit scraps left over from making tshirts for my boys.
    Thanks for the great pattern. Next on the list is Jedediah Shorts for my husband.

  19. Oops I hit go before adding my link! Here is my first version – complete *with* sexy model!

  20. Well done Matt! Am sure he wasn’t at all offended to be the first picture in a part about not having a sexy model to hand…

    • Lol, I should probably point out that I meant that I was lucky enough to have a sexy model but if anyone else wasn’t there are alternative methods :). Congrats on your trunks, complete with model! Thanks for submitting them for the contest!

  21. Here are mine. Quite boring colour choice…simply what I had in my stash! But after seeing how quickly they came together, I’ll probably end up making a few more snazzy ones now!

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