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Road Trip! We’re heading state-side!


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.  We’re glad that you are taking advantage of our Valentine’s Day sale (its on for the whole weekend, enter VALENTINE upon checkout to receive 15% off of our tissue sewing patterns).

Today I have some big news that we’ve been very eager to tell you: We’re heading on a ROAD TRIP!!!


We’ve been invited to appear on Sew-It-All, the PBS TV show!  We are thrilled to have been invited onto such a wonderful sewing show and have been busily planning the project that we will be filming (it will include a free sewing pattern on the Sew-It-All website).  Of course, the Comox Valley (B.C., Canada), is not conveniently located next the the Golden (Colorado) studio so Matt and I (and Matt’s parents) decided to scrap quick and easy plans to fly and instead make the trip into an epic U.S. road trip!  We have our itinerary set for the way there and will be winging it on the way back.  We leave on April 16th and we plan to travel down to Portland and across to Golden and then head up to Yellowstone park on the way back.


What we really want to know is, can you meet up with us?  If you don’t live at one of our stopping points, have you been there, do you have any recommendations of where we should go, who we should meet, what we should see and do?  We would love to hear from you!  We are hoping to check out lots of sewing related stores and studios as well as enjoy the culture of each city we stop at (of course, especially if it is sewing or fashion related!).

17 thoughts on “Road Trip! We’re heading state-side!

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  3. Soo jealous! Been there, done that, so I know I am jealous! It was 15 years ago mind you. As a fellow Canadian, you will be happy to hear that BC offers everything fantastic you will see in the US….that was my conclusion after 10 weeks travelling around. Oregon has the best oceanside scenery but can be foggy, warning! And I notice you have not allowed time for Washington…no doubt you have already done lots of it. But Mt. St. Helen’s was amazing. Boise, meh, SLC was cool in an Albertan kind of way. YELLOWSTONE OMG. And you will see it in snow and ice no doubt. So jealous. Long distances here with nothing. Lots of gas, snacks, charged cells…do you have winter chains??? Check if you will still need them. Folks are few and far apart here…at least when I went. Have a great trip. Looking forward to those photos. Oh, and good luck on the show.

    • Thanks for all the information! Nothing like reading about someone else’s amazing journey to get us super excited for ours! I look forward to the Oregon scenery and really appreciate the warning about charged cells and winter chains for Yellowstone. We will be sure to be prepared! I wonder if things will look very similar or completely changed to you when you see our photo posts in a few months?

      • completely changed would be ANY building and POSTED speed limits, haha. gotta love the wild west. miss it!
        if it no longer exists, I don’t wanna know 🙂

  4. Woooo! I live in Denver! I’ll most likely be around during those dates, I can show you around if you need/want! Definitely stop in and visit Fancy Tiger (they stock your patterns, too!). It’s my favorite craft shop in town. I’ve got plenty of food and drink recommendations, too! Denver loves it’s green chili. That seems to be our local specialty, so you should definitely try that. And beer. We have lots of beer.

    • We’re soooo excited! I spent an hour reading your blog when you commented the other day and love what you guys are doing with your back yard – congrats on such a successful garden! That seed zucchini was massive 🙂 We have been working out some plans with Fancy Tiger and would really love to meet you and be shown around (to places involving beer especially as we’ll be celebrating our TV show taping and Matt and I can’t pass up a good craft brewery)! As soon as we’ve got the details worked out with Fancy Tiger I’ll email you to let you know. Thanks for being so welcoming – we really look forward to seeing Denver!

  5. Awesome trip, I’m so jealous! I live in Ohio so I don’t have any personal advice for you, but I do know that Sunni’s store A Fashionable Stitch is in Salt Lake City. I’m looking forward to reading about your fabric destinations so I’ll know where to go if I ever get out there 🙂

    • Ooh, I look forward to seeing her shop as I’ve been loving the outfits she has created for Project Sewn. Thanks for mentioning it to me as I probably wouldn’t have known to head there otherwise! I’ll be sure to post a series of blog articles about the trip and all the great fabrics we see/people we meet.

  6. I’m going to be working in Yellowstone this year but only starting May 23…boo! Enjoy it though – it’s amazing. Make sure you hit up the Old Faithful Inn for lunch – the food’s great and much cheaper than at dinner!

    • Aw darn! Wow, that would be an amazing place to work for the summer! Thanks for the tip about the Old Faithful Inn. Looking at the website the dining hall seems to be closed when we will be there but it looks like the grill and the Obsidian dining room will be open!

  7. Ha! I was going to say avoid Portland during rush hour! In Portland the Pendleton Woolen Mills outlet is a must-see for sewists. Don’t let “outlet” fool you- it’s still expensive. But it has stunning wools. Also, Salt and Straw if you like ice cream. 🙂

    • Ooooh, nice tip, I really look forward to checking out the Pendleton Woolen Mills outlet as it sounds like the perfect location to look for more Goldstream Pea Coat fabric. And we will certainly keep Salt and Straw in mind! Thanks for the advice!

  8. Wow that sounds like an amazing trip – seems like a super tight schedule though.

  9. That looks like such great fun! In Portland, you have to go to Mill End — so much fabric.

    (And do everything in your power to not be anywhere near Seattle on I-5 during rush hour…!)

    • Thanks for the tips! One of my classmates in my fashion design program last year went on holiday to Portland and raved about Mill End – can’t wait to see it for myself! We’ll try our best to avoid rush hour traffic…it doesn’t sound very fun :S

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