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This Friday: Our Official Paper Pattern Launch Day!



As of 8:00am (PST) Friday, January 10th you will be able to head over to our pattern store and buy Thread Theory paper sewing patterns!  You will also be able to visit our Stockist page to see if there is an online or brick and mortar store near you that carries our paper patterns.  If there isn’t, be sure to drop a hint or two at your local fabric store and tell them to send us an email ( to set up a wholesale account.

To get you excited for our launch day, here is an indepth photo tour of our (we think!) beautifully designed envelopes and instructions.

The envelopes are not your traditional top entry narrow paper envelope that has a tendency to rip the first time you try to stuff all your tissue pieces back into it.  Instead, they are sturdy folders made out of recycled chip board with scored folding panels that will easily accommodate your less than tidily folded tissue each and every time you use and then put away a Thread Theory pattern.


We have numbered each of our designs based on the order they were released as PDF patterns.  They happen, by the way, to fit perfectly in the average 12 bottle beer box and perch upright in such a way that it is easy to sort through each number.  I might have to do a ‘beer box to pattern storage’ upcycle tutorial in the near future!


Each pattern includes two circles: the first displays the available sizes, while the second is a difficulty scale of five needles.  We came up with a five point scale because there is so much grey area between the standard beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.  With a five needle scale beginners might feel brave enough to attempt something with two needles and thus advance their skills while intermediates might do the same with a four needle pattern.

The envelope includes an elegant string closure with a bit of bling in the form of brass eyelets:


And each pattern is sorted into the collection it belongs to, complete with a graphic logo!


On the back of the envelope you can find all the usual information in an easy to read format:


The sizing charts are really simple and clear – I think our designer did an excellent job using black bars and spacing to the full advantage!


When you open up your pattern envelope you will be greeted by atmospheric tree silhouettes (to suit the theme of our Parkland Collection) and a beautiful embroidered garment tag.


The inside of the envelope has an inventory of our other patterns such as you might find in the back of a paperback novel.


The pattern you have chosen is highlighted in black.  Also notice the awesome needle pattern that covers all the interior surfaces of the envelope!


The instruction booklet is a 6X9″ staple bound paper booklet with a cover page that we hope will get you pumped to start sewing:


The paper we chose is 100% recycled but is a nice clear white so that all the illustrations and text are very easy to see and read.


Inside the booklet you will find a version of the photos you see all over our blog and website to give you an idea of what your final garment will look like.  We stuck to black and white and bumped up the contrast so that your fabric and design choices are not influenced by the fabrics and colours we chose.  When you see the pattern in the fabric store you will be seeing only the technical illustration on the front cover so that your mind is completely free to imagine all the different fabric and styling possibilities!


We made sure to include lots of information on each page so that you are not forever flipping pages and sewing without a sense of steps and processes ahead of you.  Our designer used the needle from our logo to highlight sewing tips.  The booklet easily lays flat and open on the page that you need so that you can leave it by your sewing machine while you sew to refer to as much as you need (but without taking up very much space!).  Here is a taste of the straightforward layout of our instruction booklet:


We hope that you will love our printed patterns as much as we do!  Mark your calendars and head on over to our pattern store at 8:00am (PST) this Friday!

22 thoughts on “This Friday: Our Official Paper Pattern Launch Day!

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  2. Oh they look stunning – congratulations!

  3. Beautful packaging (might just have to grab it for that reason alone!)

  4. Your packaging is gorgeous! Lovely job!

  5. They look fantastic. I love how much info you’ve included on the packet – the inclusion of the seam allowance info is very helpful as I’m always double checking!

  6. They look amazing! Congratulations guys!

  7. Amazing packaging! I cannot wait for the peacoat to be released!

  8. Wow! This packaging looks wonderful! You did a great job.

  9. WOW!! they are absolutely stunning! You have really out done yourselves! they truly are the BEST packaging I have seen for a pattern!

  10. I’ve been eagerly anticipating these patterns! A question though: will I be able to order all of these as a set just as with the PDFs?

    • Absolutely! We’ll have a ‘Parkland Wardrobe Builder Package’ at a reduced priced just as we do with the PDFs. The shipping is still quite cheap for the weight of the three of them too!

  11. Beautiful patterns. Congratulations!

  12. Very good looking patterns – the quality shoes!

  13. They look beautiful! Congratulations!

  14. Wow! These are gorgeous! Great job!

  15. They look fantastic!!! I’m ordering the Newcastle Cardi, this weekend!!

  16. Your pattern is beautiful! Can’t wait to see it “in person”!!

  17. the packaging looks amazing, i love it!

  18. Wow!!! Very elegant yet simple, and amazing attention to detail. Congrats to the two of you and your graphic designer.

  19. They look soooo beautiful! You may get me sewing for my man after all. All the best!

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