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Anniversary Sale!


anniversary sale announcementIt’s been a very eventful year since Thread Theory was incorporated!  We are pretty darn proud of our little business and want to thank those who follow our blog and other forms of social media by offering an anniversary sale!  Head on over to our pattern store to receive your discount on our PDF patterns!  THANK YOU!!!!


9 thoughts on “Anniversary Sale!

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  2. Congratulations on getting this far!

  3. Happy Birthday, Thread Theory! Love the new pattern envelope. Very practical and earthy.

  4. What a wonderful present you gave us. I have just completed my order. It will be a nice 2014 for my man. Thanks.

  5. Now that is a snappy looking envelope! And what a great sale!

  6. It’s my birthday today 😉 and this is my long expected birthday present. Can’t wait till holliday starts…..Thanks for your inspiring creativity!!

  7. Happy Birthday and congratulations on getting so far so quickly! Is that the paper pattern I see? Can’t wait!

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