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Taking a closer look at the Goldstream Peacoat


Since our photo shoot of the Goldstream Peacoat was a quick one a few weeks ago, Matt and I decided to bring out the sample again and take some detail shots so that, when the time comes, you will all have a more comprehensive gallery of photos to examine when you are trying to choose your fabric, decide on the variation you would like to sew or visualize how the facings work!

This sample is sewn with the ONLY black wool Fabricland in Victoria had to offer but it turns out to be of nice quality so I won’t complain!  The lining is a very thin rayon lining in pea green that I got from the donated fabric bin at my fashion design school last spring.  I love the rich mix of pure black and bright green – pair this with silver and leather details and I think the result is classic with just a hint of ‘pizzaz’.  😛

On a completely unrelated note (not even sewing related!!!) I just have to show you the beautiful picture Matt took of the infused vodka that I made yesterday (inspired by this post and using this tutorial to get a general idea of how it is done):


…Maybe I can somehow relate it to Thread Theory by saying that the colours and the earthy textures of the home grown herbs make me want to choose colour palettes and head to the fabric store (but doesn’t everything?).  I made Rosemary Vodka, Thyme Vodka, Apple and Cinnamon Vodka and Pumpkin and Mulling Spice Vodka.  Not pictured but completely worth mentioning (because it has already been tasted and was delicious…and cheap to make!) is the DIY Peppermint Schnapps (using this tutorial) that I made using my entire mint bush.  It is supposed to sit several weeks before tasting but it turned so green and delicious looking right away that we had a taste and it was already very minty!

Happy Friday everyone!

8 thoughts on “Taking a closer look at the Goldstream Peacoat

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  3. i love all the details of this coat! in fact, every time a pic comes up here i like it more and more… i hope i have a chance to make it this winter!

  4. Oooh, this coat is just beautiful! I really, really like it!

  5. Love the pea coat details! I look forward to seeing what your test sewers came up with as well! I have a possible coat and canning connection! A chilly walk wearing the cozy coat, followed up with the homemade cocoa I linked to, spiked with the peppermint snaps. Yum!

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